Hemblington Church

Hemblington Church in rural Norfolk – a beautiful place to sit and think, to enjoy the countryside, to walk or cycle to, and of course to worship.

I am proud to be the organist at this little church in the middle of a field.  But there’s a lane leading to the church, and room to park your car if you choose to drive there.  And there’s a very warm welcome from the congregation, should you turn up in time for the 9.30am Sunday service.  The church is open every day, and has a fantastic mediaeval wall painting.  To find out more about Hemblington Church, please have a look here.

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The Coast to Coast

On 25th May 2014 I drove to Whitehaven on the west coast (in the Lake District) and cycled nearly 150 miles across the country, finishing in Sunderland on the east coast.  This is a well-worn trail, ridden by many keen cyclists, and known as the Coast to Coast, or C2C.  There are many steep hills, hard to slog up but fantastic to whizz down.  The trip was hard work, but thoroughly enjoyable.  We had great weather for the first three days, but unfortunately steady rain on the last day, 28th May.

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