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Keyboard Camp

Keyboard Camp 2020 was a great success. We were honoured to be joined by Jade MayJean, singer-songwriter from Ipswich, and we sang arrangements of five of her fabulous songs. Our young people found Jade inspiring to work with, and at the concert Jade sang her songs to an accompaniment of over thirty keyboards!

Lighting and sound were provided by the talented Kit Marsden, to whom I am forever grateful. Other tutors on the course were Mr Callum Nicholls, Mrs Rachel York and Miss Jen Ferris, and all were a delight to work with.

Even though it was colder than usual (we normally hold Keyboard Camp in March/April, not February!), How Hill was as stunningly beautiful as ever, and a great venue for our music.

Keyboard Camp is our annual residential course for keyboard players and pianists.  It takes place in the Easter holidays, and we stay at How Hill, a beautiful old estate and country house right on the Norfolk Broads.

The course consists of three days and nights, and there is a concert for friends and families on the last afternoon.  All the music and tuition are provided!

Keyboard Camp is for all ages and all standards of playing.  You will be put in a group according to your level of playing – from beginners to very advanced playing.  Our tutors are fantastic, and they will ensure that you get the maximum possible benefit from your musical experiences on Keyboard Camp.

In addition, there is football, there’s a maze to find your way around, there are evening activities, and free time for you to spend however you like!  We run our ever-popular tuckshop several times a day, so you definitely won’t be hungry!

If you are a pianist or keyboardist, please come to Keyboard Camp – you will learn some amazing new music, make loads of friends, and have a fantastic time!

Keyboard Camp 2020

Keyboard Camp 2020 Choir

2 thoughts on “Keyboard Camp”

  1. Member of the Minstrels says:

    Please make keyboard camp longer! We only get to experience the heaven on earth that is keyboard camp once a year for 4 days. It would be amazing if it could be longer, which would mean that we could learn more and have even more fun times. I speak for all the minstrels when I say we would pay or give anything for this to happen. (Or you could just make keyboard camp every weekend or keyboard camp school or keyboard camp world) :))))

    1. Rory says:

      Good to know you all enjoyed it so much. Weren’t we lucky that we had to move it to February? If it had still been in April, as it usually is, it wouldn’t have happened at all this year!

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