1, Brigham Close, Brundall, Norfolk NR13 5QL


There’s nothing like live music!

The sound of the piano playing soft music in the background is relaxing, evocative and very, very special.

I am available for dinner jazz and cocktail piano at your party or celebration. I can bring my own stage piano, or if there’s a nice instrument at your venue, I can use that.

I have a selection of wonderful music from which you can choose your favourites, or just leave it up to me.

Please get in touch to discuss having live piano at your event, or fill in the form below. Put a tick in the circle next to the songs you particularly like, and mark with a cross any songs that you definitely don’t want me to play. You don’t need to mark all the songs, only the ones you especially like or dislike, and I will make a selection from the rest.

There are two empty spaces for you to add any songs you would like, but which are not on the list.

Email or post your completed Set List to me, and I will be in touch to confirm your booking.

I very much look forward to being part of your special event, and to adding the very special quality of live music. Thank you.