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Cumha Choire Cheathaich

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The title of this song means ‘Lament for the Misty Corrie’.  A corrie is a dip between two hills or mountains, usually caused by glacial erosion.  The Gaelic word ‘coire’ means a pot, or cauldron, as the shape of the valley resembles a cooking pot.

On the Isle of Skye, there are frequent mists, which fill the corries in the hilly parts of the island.  The Isle of Skye is sometimes called ‘The Island of Mists’.

PDF files of the music:

Cumha Choire Cheathaich_10 – Piano – Josh:  You will need to listen to the original track and transcribe the piano part.  I’ve only given you a chord structure in the sheet music, and the audio file plays block chords.  Listen to the original track and work out how to convert these block chords into a flowing and melodic piano accompaniment.

Cumha Choire Cheathaich_10 – Panflute Section 1 First Desk Players 1 and 2 – Adam and Ethan

Cumha Choire Cheathaich_10 – Dulcimer Section 1 First Desk Players 3 and 4 – Freya and Alice

Cumha Choire Cheathaich_10 – Saw Lead Section 1 Second Desk – James C., Matthew G. and Harry

Cumha Choire Cheathaich_10 – Cyber Pad Section 1 Third Desk – Amy, Gemma and Ben L.

Cumha Choire Cheathaich_10 – Harpsichord Section 2 – Jonah, James L., Lucy, Tom R., Matthew C., Tomas F., Reuben, Alankrita and Nicola

Cumha Choire Cheathaich_10 – Synth Strings Section 3 – Jacob, Megan, Finlay, Matthew L., Ben C., Callum and Evelyn

Audio at 80bpm:

Click here to download this file.

Audio at 100bpm:

Click here to download this file.

Original track, sung by Arthur Cormack:

Click here to download this file.

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