2015 – Spring Term

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Rehearsals this term are at Brundall Memorial Hall, on Thursdays after school.  Please arrive between 4pm and 4.15pm if possible.  We will finish at 5.30.  The NKO café is available for parents who wish to wait at the Memorial Hall.  Please make sure you have all the music and equipment you need for every rehearsal.

Our concert this term is on 21st March 2015, at Binham Priory.

You will need to bring your keyboard, your keyboard stand, your plug and your music.  Everything needs to have your name clearly marked on it.

You will also need to bring enough food and drink to last the whole day, and the evening too.

The Show will start at 7.00pm.  We will be rehearsing all day.

Music for this term:

Click on each song name to access the sheet music files.  Download the pdf for your part and print it off to put in your folder.  Listen to the audio files, which are the backing tracks we will be using.  There is a slow version, and an up-to-tempo version for each song.

Because ‘Siamsa’ has tempo changes, time signature changes, and goes very fast, I have included a slow tempo and a very slow tempo version in the audio.

There is also an audio file for the original recording of each song.  Many of the songs have vocal lines, and the original tracks let you hear how the vocals fit in with the mix, and also give you the original instrumentation.  Even if you don’t understand what I mean by all this, please listen to the audio files of the original recordings.  They will help you understand the music, and how your part fits in with everyone else’s.

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