Puirt a Beul

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Puirt a Beul means ‘mouth music’ in Gaelic – which means that mostly the song was unaccompanied and was often more like a chant of rhythms and sounds, rather than an actual song.  In this arrangement of Arthur Cormack’s version of ‘mouth music’, there are three different songs, in three different keys, but they all join together as one track.  The first song has its first verse completely unaccompanied.

Puirt a Beul – Dulcimer Section 1 First Desk – Adam, Ethan, Freya and Alice

Puirt a Beul – Panpipes Section 1 Second Desk – Josh, James C., Matthew G. and Harry

Puirt a Beul – Stardust or Equinox Section 1 Third Desk – Gemma, Amy and Ben L.

Puirt a Beul – Acoustic Bass Section 2 – Jonah, James L., Lucy, Tom R., Matthew C., Tomas F., Reuben, Alankrita and Nicola

Puirt a Beul – Square Lead Section 3 – Jacob, Megan, Finlay, Matthew L., Ben C., Callum, Evelyn and George

Audio at 92bpm:

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Audio at 112bpm:

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Original track, sung by Arthur Cormack:

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