2015 – Summer Term

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Rehearsals this term are at Brundall Memorial Hall, on Thursdays after school.  Please arrive between 4pm and 4.15pm if possible.  We will finish at 5.30.  The NKO café is available for parents who wish to wait at the Memorial Hall.  Please make sure you have all the music and equipment you need for every rehearsal.

For all rehearsals, you will need to bring your keyboard, your plug and your music. Everything needs to have your name clearly marked on it.  You can bring a keyboard stand to rehearsals, but it is not necessary.  On 9th July, you will need to bring a keyboard stand.

Our concert this term is on 9th July 2015, at Brundall Memorial Hall.  Doors open at 6.00pm and the concert will start at 6.15.  There will be a short break between 5.30, when the rehearsal ends, and 6.00.  If you want to bring food and drink, that’s fine, but you will only have half an hour’s break.  The concert will finish at 7.00pm.

Please download and print the music you need (see below).  If you have any questions, please get in touch with me.

If you are taking an exam this term, you may be asked to play one of your exam pieces as a solo in the concert – be prepared!

NKO music for this term:


Up Is Down

Titanium Pavane


The Da Vinci Code

Can You Dig It

The Russian Soldier


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