PDF files of the music:

If you have chord symbols on your part, please ignore them – they are from an earlier version of this music, and are no longer relevant.

Rasputin – Bass Guitar Sn 1 D1 4 Josh

Rasputin – Rock Organ Sn 1 D1 Adam, Ethan, Freya

Rasputin – Santoor Sn 2 D1 Lucy, Tom, Matthew

Rasputin – Sitar Sn 2 D2 Tomas, Alankrita, Megan

Rasputin – Synth Brass Sn 1 D2 James, Alice, Gemma

Rasputin – Synth Strings Sn 1 D3 Amy, Jonah

Rasputin – Trumpet Sn 3 Nicola, Callum, Jacob, Evelyn

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