You want to succeed with your music?  Of course you do!

So – how do you measure success in music?

Do you measure it by how many grades you’ve passed?  Or by the mark you got for the last grade you took?

Do you measure it by the comments your teacher makes, or by what your friends think of your playing?

Do you measure success by how much you enjoy playing your instrument, or by how many pieces you can play?

How do you know if you are being successful with your playing – and what does this mean anyway?

This is a very subjective matter, but there are certain clear factors:

  1. You know when you feel good about your music
  2. You know when your teacher is pleased with your progress
  3. You know when your family or your friends are impressed with your playing
  4. You know when you’ve done the best you possibly can

All these factors are important, but it is the last one that will decide all the others.  You will feel good about your music, and impress your teacher, your family and your friends, when you have tried your very best to make progress.  Always take note of your teacher’s instructions – he or she knows how to help you make the most progress during the time you spend between lessons.  But this will only work if you practise!  When you practise effectively, you will make the maximum amount of progress, and then you know you’ve done the best work you can possibly do.

And the result of doing your best work is that you feel good, you impress everyone who hears you play, and you feel – yes! – successful.

Isn’t that a great feeling?

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